The wonders of Bologna

5 places near your B&B in Bologna city centre

5 places near your B&B in Bologna city centre
5 places near your B&B in Bologna city centre
5 places near your B&B in Bologna city centre

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Gardi Luxury Apartments

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Bologna is a city full of life, offering its visitors many places to eat and drink. In particular, the historic centre, where our Gardi Luxury Apartments is located in via Indipendenza n. 5, is home to some of the most renowned bars and historic clubs, which have helped to forge the reputation of the city as an excellent destination if you want to have fun and eat well.

If you are looking for the best places to go to drink and eat, here are 5 places near our B&B in the centre of Bologna.

B&B in the centre of Bologna 5 famous places near Gardi Luxury Apartments

OurB&B in the centre of Bologna is located in an area that is full of places for all tastes, which offer fun and entertainment. The city has a lively nightlife, with numerous pubs located in the main streets of the centre. We recommend 5 places to go for a drink in full relaxation, where to listen to music, dance and where to eat something. Experience the Bolognese nightlife of the city in the evening hours and discover all its magic.

Birroteca La tana del luppolo

Among the best places near our B&B in the centre of Bologna, this brewery in via Luigi Calori is definitely one of them. For lovers of craft draught and bottled beers, La tana del luppolo offers a wide variety of choice to its customers, accompanying the beer with appetisers and sandwiches. The perfect combination with a good glass of craft beer.

Fun Cool Oh!

Another well-known place near our B&B in the centre of Bologna is Fun cool Oh!. It is a drink shop where you can also eat plenty of aperitifs and various snacks. The atmosphere is youthful, informal and fun as the name suggests. It is located in Via Belvedere a few minutes from our luxury B&B.

Macondo Cocktail bar

The Macondo bar is an exception in the Pratello district in Bologna, as it offers a unique experience compared to other bars. Located in a very busy area, Macondo stands out for the quality of its well-balanced drinks, characterised by fresh flavours, especially thanks to the wide selection of rum that make it unique. In addition, the venue often offers live music and performances to entertain customers who prefer to sit at tables or in the large outdoor space equipped with numerous tables. Finally, you can also enjoy some light dishes. A great choice to spend a convivial evening and enjoy a bit of Bolognese nightlife just a few steps from Gardi Luxury Apartments.


Qubò is a historic building in medieval style 3 floors high where, in addition to drinking a classic drink, you can also dance. The main feature of the place is its lively and cheerful atmosphere, with friendly staff and colourful clientèle. Guests can enjoy a wide selection of craft draught beers, iced cocktails and spirits. It is a perfect place to have a drink and dance near our B&B in the centre of Bologna, the Gardi Luxury Apartments.

Mò Mortadella Lab

If you are looking for the ideal location to eat the symbol of Emilian street food immersed in the authentic Bolognese atmosphere, then we recommend the Mò Mortadella Lab near our B&B in the centre of Bologna, the Gardi Luxury Apartments. Very famous among Instagram’s food influencers, Mò Mortadella Lab, in via de’ Monari, is a small popular gastronomy restaurant, which serves its customers the classic sandwich with mortadella but in many gourmet and foodporn variants. Try it if you want to eat a typical Bolognese sandwich in a fresh and social twist.

These are our tips for having a drink, eating a bite and having fun enjoying the Bolognese nightlife. If instead, you want to explore the best food and wine tradition of the city, find here a tip on 5 places to eat in the centre of Bologna. Enjoy your stay in Bologna: book now!

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