The wonders of Bologna

What you can see from your residence in Bologna downtown

What you can see from your residence in Bologna downtown
What you can see from your residence in Bologna downtown
What you can see from your residence in Bologna downtown

Gardi Luxury Apartments

Il tuo appartamento di lusso nel cuore di Bologna

Gardi Luxury Apartments

Your luxury apartment in the heart of Bologna

Our luxury bed and breakfast, Gardi Luxury Apartments, has 7 newly renovated apartments in a residence located in the centre of Bologna in via Indipendenza 5, in the heart of the city.

The apartments are independent of each other and equipped with all the comforts for a relax out of the ordinary, immersed in a unique and prestigious atmosphere.

Each of our luxury apartments are furnished differently to give you an always unique experience. We can accommodate from 1 to 4 people for short, long stays and even just for a few hours with the day use formula. Perfect to make your dream of a holiday experience different from the ordinary come true, in full relaxation, comfort and wrapped in an atmosphere of exclusive luxury.

The comfort of our luxury apartments is not only dictated by the excellent service, the beauty of the luxury furnishings 100% Made in Italy and the accessories available (kitchen complete with everything, bathroom set,smart tv, air conditioning, and more), but also by the strategic position of the residence in the centre of Bologna.

Via Indipendenza, the artery of the city

Our residence in the centre of Bologna, Gardi Luxury Apartments, which houses our 7 luxury apartments, is located at no.5 of the famous Via Indipendenza.

Via Indipendenza has very ancient origins. It was laid out between 1885 and 1890 to connect the city centre to the railway station. Even today, it is the most important street in the city of Bologna. It is about 1 km long, starts from Piazza Maggiore and reaches the Central Station. By walking along, it you cross the very heart of the city between monuments, attractions, bars and shopping windows.

5 places to see from Gardi Luxury Apartments

From our residence in the centre of Bologna you can conveniently reach several points of attraction of the city.

First of all, you can walk along Via Indipendenza and let yourself be conquered by the Bolognese atmosphere among suggestive medieval architectures, offices, shops, clubs and bustling of people. Immerse yourself in the heart of the city and stroll under its famous arcades. In addition, when you exit our residence at no. 5 Via Indipendenza you can easily reach on foot different places of interest in the city.

St. Peter’s Cathedral (1 minute, 67 metres)

Main place of worship of the city dating back to the 10th century. Its treasure, which houses artefacts and liturgical vestments of the fourteenth century of artistic and spiritual value, is very famous. The bell tower, 70 metres high, is the second tallest tower in the city.

Neptune Fountain (2 minutes, 120 metres)

In Piazza del Nettuno, you can admire its famous statue of the same name. It was made of marble and bronze between 1563 and 1566. Majestic symbol of the power of the Pope over the world, like the god Neptune who dominates the seas and rivers.

Piazza Maggiore (2 minutes, 150 metres)

One of the undisputed icons of the city, the famous “Piazza Grande” sung by Lucio Dalla. Dating back to 1200, today it houses other important buildings and places of attraction in the city including: Basilica of San Petronio, Palazzo dei Noti, Palazzo d’Accursio, Palazzo del Podestà and Palazzo dei Banchi.

The Two Towers (5 minutes, 400 metres)

The second icon of the city is the pair of the Two Towers: Garisenda and degli Asinelli. Built during the Middle Ages for military surveillance and defence, today they fascinate thousands of tourists. The torre degli Asinelli is 97.2 metres high and from its top you can enjoy a breathtaking panoramic view over the whole city. The Garisenda tower, on the other hand, is 47 metres high and stands out for its fascinating slope (so much so that Dante included a description of it in the Divine Comedy).

Finestrella (6 minutes, 500 metres)

The Finestrella on the Canale delle Moline is one of the most amazing hidden places in the city. It is a real small window in via Pielle, which anyone can open, and once opened it shows an unprecedented glimpse of the city called “the little Venice”. In fact, the window opens right on the Canale delle Moline, which flows right between the buildings, similar to the Venetian canals.

Let yourself be conquered by the charms of the city by easily visiting it on foot starting from our residence located in the centre of Bologna, Gardi Luxury Apartments.

Discover our Luxury Apartments

A panoramic view and absolute privacy: enjoy the view from Diamond Luxury Apartment.

Diamond Gardi Luxury Apartments

   59 mq     2 guests     panorama  

A space dedicated to wellness: enjoy your relaxation in the Sapphire Luxury Apartment.

Sapphire Gardi Luxury Apartments

    70 mq     2 guests  relax  

All the comfort you are looking for in the centre of Bologna: enjoy the comfort of Amethyst  Luxury Apartment.

Amethyst Gardi Luxury Apartments

    80 mq     4 guests  comfort  

Allow us to give you a unique memory, in our Gardi Luxury Apartments

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