Special occasions in Bologna

Where to stay in Bologna

Where to stay in Bologna
Where to stay in Bologna
Where to stay in Bologna

Gardi Luxury Apartments

Il tuo appartamento di lusso nel cuore di Bologna

Gardi Luxury Apartments

Your luxury apartment in the heart of Bologna

If you want to enjoy a true luxury experience during a stay in Emilia-Romagna, then let yourself be conquered by the offer of the Gardi Luxury Apartments, the ideal answer to the question: where to stay in Bologna?

With excellent service, comfortable rooms and a relaxing atmosphere, our exclusive luxury B&B offers you an aesthetic experience out of the ordinary. Allow us to offer you 7 luxury apartments in bed and breakfast formula among which to choose located in via Indipendenza n. 5 on different floors of a historic residence.

Enjoy a luxury stay in Bologna

Where to stay in Bologna is no longer a problem thanks to our very attentive service to our guests, functional, discreet and flexible. In fact, it is possible to choose different types of accommodation: short or even longer stays. We also offer holiday packages also for the weekend or for other holidays such as Christmas. Located in the most central area of the city, Gardi Luxury Apartments is close to some of Bologna’s main tourist attractions. You can stroll through the historic streets while savouring local cuisine with its famous traditional dishes, or shop along via Indipendenza. Taking advantage of the convenience of the strategic location and the accessibility to the main tourist destinations, our luxury apartments offers its guests an unforgettable experience. 

As mentioned, the service offered by Gardi Luxury Apartments is discreet and curated in every detail. The premium apartments are furnished with modern and elegant furniture, the rooms are equipped with LCD televisions and surround stereo systems, the best latest technologies combine perfectly with the refinement of the furniture to create a cosy, luxurious but also functional environment. We guarantee a service that can assist you for any need during your stay, which adapts to all your requests but is also extremely discreet to leave the most complete privacy and independence.

Where to stay in Bologna: luxury apartments for a sightseeing tour

Every year, Bologna tops the rankings of the most liveable cities in Italy. This is thanks to its services, cost of living, good food and historical heritage. By booking a stay at our Gardi Luxury Apartments, you will have the opportunity to enjoy Bologna as if you were a real Bolognese and discover why it is one of the best cities to live in. 

Where to stay in Bologna can really be a unique and out-of-the-ordinary experience by choosing one of our luxury apartments at Gardi Luxury Apartments. The capital of Emilia can offer unforgettable moments, especially if you admire it from an exclusive prestigious setting such as our Renaissance balcony with view. The many historical monuments present in every corner of Bologna, in fact, give an unforgettable experience and will make you feel as if you had been projected into the past. A short walking distance from our luxury B&B, you can visit the Asinelli Tower, the Town Hall, the Basilica of San Petronio and many other ancient buildings that still tell the story of this city. 

In addition, between one sightseeing tour and another, you can taste the famous local dishes that offer all the best of the Emilia territory. The Bolognese gastronomy is in fact rich in local products and dishes prepared following ancient recipes handed down for generations. Among the best known dishes are Bolognese gnocchi, lasagna and the never failing ragù. 

Where to stay in Bologna for an out-of-the-ordinary experience is easy by booking one of our 7 premium apartments. Allow us to give you a dream stay, immersed in luxury and comfort. Contact Gardi Luxury Apartments for more information.

Discover our Luxury Apartments

A panoramic view and absolute privacy: enjoy the view from Diamond Luxury Apartment.

Diamond Gardi Luxury Apartments

   59 mq     2 guests     panorama  

A space dedicated to wellness: enjoy your relaxation in the Sapphire Luxury Apartment.

Sapphire Gardi Luxury Apartments

    70 mq     2 guests  relax  

All the comfort you are looking for in the centre of Bologna: enjoy the comfort of Amethyst  Luxury Apartment.

Amethyst Gardi Luxury Apartments

    80 mq     4 guests  comfort  

Allow us to give you a unique memory, in our Gardi Luxury Apartments

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