Tailor-made experience in Bologna

Tourist apartments in Bologna

Tourist apartments in Bologna
Tourist apartments in Bologna
Tourist apartments in Bologna

Gardi Luxury Apartments

Il tuo appartamento di lusso nel cuore di Bologna

Gardi Luxury Apartments

Your luxury apartment in the heart of Bologna

Bologna is a fascinating city rich in history, located in the heart of Italy. The capital of Emilia offers its visitors a wide variety of attractions: from magnificent medieval monuments, to long walks under the arcades, to its unmissable traditional dishes such as tortellini in broth or lasagna.

There are hundreds of reasons to visit this beautiful city rich in history and culture. One of the best ways to fully enjoy your stay in Emilia is to choose one of our luxury tourist apartments in Bologna.

A unique experience in our luxury apartments

Allow us to offer you an extraordinary luxury experience in one of our tourist apartments in Bologna, located in a historic building in the city centre. In this way, you will have all the comforts and freedom to experience the city in an exclusive location of luxury and prestige.

The Gardi Luxury Apartments are each different from the other and can accommodate from one to 4 people maximum. They include all the comforts to give you a unique experience: private equipped kitchen, laundry, internet service, satellite television and accessories such as dishes, bed linen and towels. Our tourist apartments in Bologna are equipped with all the comforts to make your stay unique and unforgettable.

Tourist apartments right in the centre of Bologna

Another advantage of choosing one of our tourist apartments in Bologna is the proximity of the Gardi Luxury Apartments to the main places of interest in the city, such as Piazza Maggiore or the Civic Archaeological Museum.

Let us offer you the perfect solution among our 7 luxury apartments, located on different floors of the same historic building in via Indipendenza n.5. Enjoy the city walking serenely through the historic centre: all the main attractions are just a few minutes walk from our luxury B&B.

Tourism in Bologna is a unique experience that you really cannot miss. The city is rich in history, culture and attractions for all tastes. Once you arrive, the possibilities are endless if you allow us to offer you the luxury, comfort and privacy of our apartments, as well as the exclusivity of our services.

From local cuisine to ancient architecture, the capital of Emilia can satisfy any visitor. Starting from our luxury apartments, you can visit the historic centre conveniently on foot, as mentioned. Start with St. Peter’s Cathedral. This magnificent building was built in the 13th century and dominates the main square of the city. Its white marble façade is decorated with bas-reliefs and sculptures depicting various religious and historical figures, making it one of the most significant examples of Romanesque architecture in Italy. Inside the cathedral rests the body of the patron saint of the city, St. Petronius.

Continue with the visit to the symbol of the city: the Two Towers (also visible from our apartments). One of them is called the Torre degli Asinelli. Built in 1119 as a symbol of the autonomy of the Municipality of Bologna, this 97-metre high tower is one of the most famous medieval towers in Italy and is also visible from afar. Although it is not possible to climb to the top (the inner staircase has been removed), you can still enjoy the panoramic view of the city offered by the outer steps.

Continue walking under the arcades and red roofs of the historic centre of Bologna. Let yourself be guided by your instincts, visit streets, squares and alleys without following a map. You will find that everything is very close to our Gardi Luxury Apartments. Enjoy a luxurious and private stay out of the ordinary in one of our tourist apartments in Bologna. Book now!

Discover our Luxury Apartments

A panoramic view and absolute privacy: enjoy the view from Diamond Luxury Apartment.

Diamond Gardi Luxury Apartments

   59 mq     2 guests     panorama  

A space dedicated to wellness: enjoy your relaxation in the Sapphire Luxury Apartment.

Sapphire Gardi Luxury Apartments

    70 mq     2 guests  relax  

All the comfort you are looking for in the centre of Bologna: enjoy the comfort of Amethyst  Luxury Apartment.

Amethyst Gardi Luxury Apartments

    80 mq     4 guests  comfort  

Allow us to give you a unique memory, in our Gardi Luxury Apartments

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