In the heart of Bologna

Holiday apartments in Bologna historic centre

Holiday apartments in Bologna historic centre
Holiday apartments in Bologna historic centre
Holiday apartments in Bologna historic centre

Gardi Luxury Apartments

Il tuo appartamento di lusso nel cuore di Bologna

Gardi Luxury Apartments

Your luxury apartment in the heart of Bologna

The historic centre of Bologna is one of the most beautiful destinations for a holiday in Italy. With its ancient towers, beautiful historic buildings and narrow and charming streets, Bologna offers a unique experience that no other place can offer.

Our Gardi Luxury Apartments offers a luxury experience with holiday apartments in Bologna historic centre. The luxury bed and breakfast formula is the ideal choice if you want to spend your holidays in an authentic Bolognese atmosphere immersed in a welcoming atmosphere, that is authentic but with the same comforts as a 5-star luxury hotel.

Holiday apartments in Bologna historic centre: Gardi Luxury Apartments

Allow us to offer you an unforgettable short or long stay in one of our 7 premium apartments located on different floors of a historic building in the very central via Indipendenza, in the heart of the historic area of the city. 

The apartments available are all equipped with rooms or suites furnished with elegance and luxury, private equipped kitchens and free Wi-Fi service. Many of the apartments also have Renaissance balconies overlooking the old town, which makes the atmosphere even more evocative. In addition, the Gardi Luxury Apartments is located near the main tourist attractions such as the famous Two Towers or Piazza Maggiore. You can easily reach all the main monuments of the city on foot without having to take public transport or taxis, but only walking for a few minutes to immerse yourself even more in the Bolognese atmosphere. 

When you are ready to explore the old town of the Emilian capital, do not forget that our exclusive holiday apartments in Bologna historic centre are also located within walking distance of numerous restaurants, bars and shops characteristic of the city. In this way, you can taste the tasty traditional dishes and shop among the stalls of the weekly fair in Piazza Maggiore. 

Historic centre of Bologna: what to see starting from our luxury apartments

The historic centre of Bologna offers a unique experience. Its medieval architecture, such as the famous Two Towers, one of the symbols of the city, and the narrow streets that wind through squares and canals, is a magical place to get lost. The capital of Emilia has some of the most important monuments in Italy, known internationally. Its artistic treasures were declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 2000. There are many things to see in this beautiful historic centre starting from our luxury apartments located in via Indipendenza n. 5. 

Among some of the main tourist attractions that you can enjoy by staying at Gardi Luxury Apartments, you will find many monuments and unmissable views. A short walking distance from our luxury bed and breakfast, you will find the Two Towers, (Garisenda and Asinelli) symbol of the city of Bologna, as mentioned, and representative of the medieval architecture of the city. Not only can you visit them by taking a short walk starting from the historic palace, which houses our 7 luxury apartments. In fact, you can also admire the Two Towers from our Renaissance balcony overlooking the historic centre. The towers were built between the 12th and 13th centuries. The Torre Asinelli is 97 metres high, while the Torre Garisenda is 48 metres high, but you can climb to the top of both to enjoy a panoramic view of the red rooftops of the city. 

Another symbolic place of the city, that can be easily reached on foot starting from our holiday apartments in Bologna historic centre, is Piazza Maggiore. The square, also called “Piazza Grande” is located in the heart of the city and is considered as the epicenter of Bolognese life. Here, you can also find the Fontana del Nettuno, a sculptural masterpiece by Giambologna dating back to the end of the 16th century. 

Continuing to walk through the historic centre, a stone’s throw from our luxury apartments, you can admire the Basilica San Petronio. The Basilica is the quintessence of Italian religious architecture and also the largest existing Jerusalem temple in Western Europe. It was built in 1436 and was dedicated to St. Petronius, Patriarch of Aquileia and main patron of the city of Bologna. Inside, you can admire works such as Baroque frescoes and decorations by artists such as Francesco Francia, Guglielmo Cortese, Annibale Carracci and Salvator Rosa. 

Original antique frescoes that you can also admire in one of our luxury apartments, which, as we have mentioned, are located in a historic building in the city. Gardi Luxury Apartments, in fact, creates a private and exclusive environment in the heart of Bologna but without deviating too much from the charm of its historical beauties. Our luxury bed and breakfast, in fact, does not betray the city but chooses it as a muse to reproduce its ancient beauties in newly renovated, welcoming environments, furnished with refinement in a perfect balance between modernity and luxury.

Allow us to give you a unique and exclusive stay by booking one of our holiday apartments in Bologna historic centre.

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